Manfred: “Nothing off the table.”

Main Highlights

  • “Baseball will be back” says Manfred. Hopefully by May.
  • The goal is to play as many games as possible.
  • MLB is in contact with every other sport.
  • There are several options Manfred and MLB are considering
  • Red Sox investigation is done, but a written report has been a last resort for Manfred (understandably so)

When is baseball coming back? Sadly not even Manfred knows. They want to hear the all clear from the country before they start revving back up. Baseball wants to be a part of the recovery. Manfred reiterated that the goal is to play as many games as possible while playing the most entertaining postseason possible. But he also acknowledged that 162 games is pretty much off the table. Sad news for whoever is having a career year this season. Sad news for anyone invested in baseball right now as billions may be lost in revenue. Manfred is in contact with other sports trying to make sure sports lovers won’t have to choose between their teams.

Manfred said that MLB will have to “get creative” and that “nothing is off the table” with their solutions. The first, most likely, solution is an increase in double-headers. Manfred hates the idea of anything less than a 9-inning game, but is “sure it’s something that will get some discussion.” They’re also considering extending the season into November, and setting a World Series location in a good weather state no matter the teams involved. He was also keen on saying it is a time to experiment, possibly hinting at his proposed changes from before the outbreak. The same ones that caused a lot of backlash. These include

  • 7 teams in each league make the playoffs (division winners and next 4 best records. No tiebreakers, head-head records are the decider)
  • A new 3-game wild series. (higher seed hosts all 3 games)
  • 1st-round bye for top league seeds
  • 2nd seed chooses opponent, the 3rd seed chooses theirs. 4th seed plays the remaining club.

Lastly, the Red Sox investigation is done, but with more pressing matters, nothing has been made official. But at least we have good reason to believe Mookie is clear.

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