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Park Factor: Chavez Ravine


We’re not so sure. We think the talent of this team may be skewing the stats.

Dodger hitters don’t seem to have the same problems as everyone else here. Here’s their 2019 rankings in each of these cats.
Runs: 886 (5th, 1st in NL)
HR: 279 (4th overall, 1st in NL)
H: 1414 (13th overall, 7th in NL)
2B: 302 (7th overall, 4th in NL)
3B: 20 (24th overall, 12th in NL)
BB: 607 (4th overall, 3rd in NL)

Overall we had the best pitching staff in the league last year according to ERA.
LA Pitcher Rankings:
Runs: 613 (1st overall)
HR: 185 (2nd overall, 1st in NL)
H: 1201 (1st overall)
2B: 239 (2nd overall, 1st in NL)
3B: 24 (T-15th overall, 8th in NL)
BB: 392 (1st overall)

Los Angeles Dodgers pitchers warm up during spring training baseball Friday, Feb. 14, 2020, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

So what do these stats say? We don’t have a pitcher friendly park. We have great pitching. The only area of struggle was triples. Which according to the park factor, we should’ve given up the least amount. The Dodger hitters were among the top teams in HRs while our pitchers gave up the 2nd least. According to the park factor we should’ve been in the bottom third of HRs given. The most glaring is probably the BBs. This Dodgers lineup loves to take walks (top 15%) and the pitching staff hates giving them out (led the league). Yet dodger stadium was the lowest rated park for getting walks. This has nothing to do with the park and everything to do with our staff.

The only lurking variable we can think of is the home field effect. All Dodger fans know we lead in-game attendance pretty much every year. That’s a lot of pressure on visiting teams not used to a crowd. (Sorry Marlins) As well as good motivation for the Dodgers. They clearly love playing at home for some reason as they went 59-22 in LA last year. If the season starts without fans do you think this will impact our record? Will the stadium renovations change anything?

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