TRADE GAME: Degrom and Diaz


It would take a lot for the Mets to give up their closer and ace but we think we have a win-win scenario here.

Mets send: Degrom and Edwin Diaz

Dodgers send: Joc, Baez, Kike, Tony Gonsolin (6), Graterol(5), Dj Peters (13) Mitchell White (11)

Our reasoning for the Mets:

1. Degrom is only getting pricier and maybe has his best two years behind him. (He’s the same age as Kershaw). With the loss of Syndergaard for the next year, their hopes for 2020 are pretty much dashed. Gonsolin has already proved to be an effective starter at the MLB level and has years of cheap control. White is also a plus prospect that could help in the pen this year.

2) Graterol replaces Diaz long term while joining the pen now. Bentances or Lugo can close in the meantime if they somehow stay competitive with their young lineup.

3) Mets need offensive help over pitching. Mets have Syndergaard, Stroman, and Matz after Degrom for the long term. Even w/o him they’ll be a top 3 rotation as soon as Thor comes back.

4. They only have 2 OF in their top 30 and Peters is ready for the bigs.

5. Joc, Kike, and Baez all give them serious value in their FA years. Joc is an OF upgrade. Baez helps a shaky pen without the risk that comes with Diaz. And Kike can play his super utility role.

6) They would have the new best farm system

7) Do they really stand a chance against the Dodgers this year? No. They should prepare for the next few years with the emergence of their young stars.

Why would the dodgers do it?

1) Kershaw/Degrom/Buehler/Price as a playoff rotation. Holy ****!

2) Diaz has incredible bounce back potential and could fill the Jansen role if needed.

3) It’s giving up a lot but it’s not the Dodger’s going all in on 2020.

Overall the Mets get better in the long run while the Dodgers push more chips into their 2020 pot.

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