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How Good Are The Virtual Dodgers? Starting Rotation

MLB the Show is the closest we have to a 2020 season so far, and also a fair gauge of just how good the Dodgers are this year. We’ll start with the starters of course, and they’re overall rankings.

Clayton Kershaw: 92 Overall

Even at age 31, his potential is still an A grade. Kershaw is the 3rd highest rated Dodger player and 6th highest rated pitcher in The Show. His best quality? His stamina rated at 95. His break is at 86 and bunting is at 82.

Walker Buehler: 90 Overall

The young ace also has an A grade in potential. He’s already graded as the 9th overall starting pitcher. His velocity is elite with a 97 grade. And his break is fantastic as well at 87.

David Price: 82 Overall

His potential is a B grade. Not bad for half-priced Price. He actually doesn’t stand out anywhere in particular, but is the most well rounded pitcher in the staff.

Julio Urias: 84 Overall

And back to A grade potential. He may be the best 4th starting pitcher this year no matter how many games are played. His break and bunting are both elite at 96 and 94 respectively.

Alex Wood: 79 Overall

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Got Wood? We do. He’s back and ready to get back to all-star form. He personally says his breaking ball is way better than it was in 18. He also seems pretty sure it’s his fifth starting job to lose coming into spring training. He had a year plague by a back injury on a bad team so these projections are low. Woods career ERA sits at 3.4 which is exactly where we’re expecting it to wind up this year. Woods velocity and movement have been compared to Patrick Corbin and Andrew Heaney. His batted ball stats are similar to none other than Kershaw. Don’t let these projections fool you. Alex Wood is extremely valuable when healthy. The question is will he be a starter? He was 16-3 with a 2.72 ERA in 2017 as a starter. He compiled 3.1 WAR that year which would shoot him up to the Dodgers 7th most valuable player behind Turner. We are only paying him $4 mil for a year. This will go down as one of the biggest steals of the offseason for ALL mlb teams. They’re currently predicting about 20 starts from Wood which sounds about right. He’s not a strikeout guy, but makes up for it with a great ground ball rate and a good LOB%. It’s possible he becomes a 25+ start guy but that depends on injuries. Either way we’re expecting a mid to low 3 era, 10+wins, and 2+WAR. He should be the best 5th starter in all of baseball Welcome back Wood. We missed you. #dodgers #dodgerdynasty #mlb #alex #wood #alexwood #springtraining #pitcher #undervalued #baseballfan #baseballstats #projections #mlb #mlbstats #mlbnews #rankings #WAR

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The lowest grade with C potential. Still with the season up in the air, it just became more likely that Dustin May takes the 5th spot. Still, Wood has good control with 70+ ratings across the board there, and exceptional bunting at 94.


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