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Dodgers and Covid-19

We don’t want to call anyone a winner or loser in this situation, but some people really will benefit from all the proposed changes for 2020. Let’s take a look


  • The would be AAA callups

Rosters are expanding, possibly up to 30+ players. Double headers will likely be schedule. More pitchers, catchers, and versatile players will be needed.

Keibert Ruiz, Zach McKinstry, Victor Gonzales, and Brusdar Graterol will definitely be on an expanded roster.

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BOLD PREDICTION Victor Gonzales will have the biggest surprise impact on the 2020 Dodgers. He’s currently only 24 and missed the entirety of 2017 due to Tommy John. But he’s about the same age as #bellinger #bieber #biggio #flaherty #gallen #osuna #moncada and plenty of other budding stars around the league. He’s currently our 21st overall in our farm and our #1 LHP. He has a mid to high 90’s FB, a mid 80’s back foot slider, and an average curve and change that could benefit from better control. However he seems to have turned a corner. His control only got better throughout his stellar 2019 campaign. Especially after he made the move to the bullpen (as shown in his 2019 stats). Now we don’t have the stats to dive into why, but we assume that pitching in relief allowed him to rely on his two plus pitches. Which brings us to why he could be the next #Hader. Hader essentially throws two pitches. A mid 90s fastball and a back foot slider. He also throws a sinker and change (but only about 2% of the time). Beyond that Gonzales throws from a low enough release point that his fastball looks like it has a rising motion. Hader has the 4th lowest release point in the league. According the #Muncy that’s his secret weapon and how a pitcher that throws a 4-seam (with a very low spin rate) 88% of the time can be successful. So look out for Gonzales whenever season starts. The Dodgers are lacking LHP in the pen and Gonzales will be the first call up for it. His fastball is electric and that slider will keep RHB honest. And with the new 3 batter rule, his value out of the pen just skyrocketed. He may be a starter in the future if he can improve his other offerings (and he very well may). #dodgers #dodgerdynasty #dodgersbaseball #top #prospects #rcquakes #aaa #promotion #coming #stay #safe #and #healthy #kingdom #we #love #you

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  • Players with inning limits

Dustin May was going to start the year in the pen to cap his innings. Without the need to cap his innings, he may start the year as the Dodgers #5 now.

Kershaw has had injuries the past few years and can pitch longer if he knows it’s a shortened season. Buehler was finally unleashed but will benefit from less innings as well.

  • Every team not named the Dodgers

It was our year. This was the best team we have ever seen. If we win whatever 2020 becomes, it was expected. If we lose it’s just another year where our hopes are dashed. The Yankees injury bug is benefitting from the delay. And the Astros are missing their world’s most hated team tour.

Not winners

  • Dodgers front office/owners

They didn’t go all in, but they placed a lot of chips on this year. They lose several players to FA next year. We were a lock for the playoffs at the beginning of the year. With some of the proposed changes our odds of making playoffs go down into the 70% range while the non-existent Royals boost from 0.2% to almost 15%.

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DODGERS HAVE 7 FA AT THE END OF THIS SEASON. And Kershaw, Seager, Taylor and Jansen the year after that. 4 of the impending FAs were on last year’s roster. The other 3 figure to play important roles in this years team. The Dodgers are about to face the two most important offseasons in years. Pay too much for the wrong guy and it can hurt you for a decade *cough Angels and Puljos *cough. Sign the right guy to an extension (Yelich and the Brewers) and you can be setting your team up for another successful decade. By 2023 basically the entire current roster will be off the books (as of now). Next years free agent class has a lot of talent, but a high median age. Joc and Mookie are the youngest of the top tier FA’s at 28. Same goes for the year after that. What that tells us, is most of the Dodger’s improvement over the next couple years will come from within or trades. Certain guys need extensions ASAP. Bellinger is already making $11.5 mil this year. I understand the Dodgers not wanting to pay him right after what may be his best season in his career, but we assume the Dodgers would love to make him a career LA player. Especially with the DH arriving in the NL in the next couple years. The opposite goes for Seager. We need to lock him up before he gets back to his MVP ways. Seager smooth is back this Spring and we’re expecting a monstrous season from him. If we could offer him a 10-year $140 mil, it will look like a steal a couple years from now. We don’t think Kershaw will go anywhere except if a Texas makes him an outlandish offer, in which case, we sadly say goodbye and wish Kersh nothing but the best. We’ll probably make Mookie an offer but get outbid by a team w/o a Belli. Turner will hopefully become the Utley of the team with a smaller contract and role to finish out his career with us. Joc is gone. Kike is gone. Baez is probably gone. Treinen is most likely gone or we won’t want him after a bad year. Wood will probably leave as well for a chance to start somewhere else. Taylor may get a large offer from another team as well. And Jansen will have to pass on the closer role if he wants to stay. #dodgers #dodgerdynasty #free #agents

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  • Dodger fans

This was our year man. We had a 20% chance of winning the World Series.
  • The rest of the minor league

If they aren’t playing in the majors, they may not play at all this year. They are barely paid an “allowance”. Our heart breaks for the minor leaguers fighting over scraps right now/


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