San Diego Padres: NL West Competition

2012. That’s the last time someone other than the Dodgers won the NL west. It was the Giants, who went on to win the WS. After 7 straight division titles, it’s hard to remember a world where we don’t just assume the Dodgers will win the West. We have won the division a total of 18 times which crushes the next highest record of the Giants at 8. (The Reds actually are in 3rd with 7 titles before moving divisions.). And before all the craziness the Dodgers were not only division favorites, but the favorite in all of the NL. But competition is close. Let’s not forget the Dodgers had to win game 163 against the Rockies in 2018.

So after a season of smart grabs for the D-backs, a past dodger exec in Zaidi fixing the current Giants, another year of growing up for the young Padre core, and an always potent Rockies lineup, competition is on the way. So how long can the Dodgers take advantage of their current division domination?

We’ll start off by seeing how the projected 2nd place Padres stack up against the Dodgers in 2020, and for years to come.


  • What’s new in San Diego
  • The Padres Current Starting Roster
  • Their Reserves worth knowing
  • Their Superstars Who They’re Building Around
  • The Players Still on the Way
  • Where will they be 3 years from now?

5 Big Offseason Moves

  • Zach Davies (RHP)
    • 2019 Stats: 10-7, 3.55 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, 159.2 IP, 102 SO
  • Drew Pomeranz (LHP)
    • 2019 Stats: 2-10, 4.85 ERA, 1.43 WHIP, 104 IP, 137 SO
  • Trent Grisham (OF)
    • 2019 Stats: 156 ABs, .738 OPS, 6 HR, 24 R, 24 RBI
  • Tommy Pham (OF)
    • 2019 Stats: 567 ABs, .818 OPS, 21 HR, 25 SB, 68 RBI, 77 R
  • Pierce Johnson (RHP)
    • 2019 Stats: (IN JAPAN) 1.38 ERA, 58.2 IP, 91 SO,13 BB

Padres Current Starting Roster

  • Starting Rotation
  • Chris Paddack
    • 2019 Stats: 9-7, 3.33 ERA, 140.2 IP, 153 SO, 0.98 WHIP
    • He looked locked for the ROY and possibly even the Cy Young before a rough second half. But this is a kid who tattooed his HOF career stats goal on his arm. He had roughly a 0.75 ERA in his last 4 starts of the year though. And Dodger fans only need to look to Kershaw to see what plus skills and and a HOF attitude can achieve. He already took a no-no into the 8th last year.
  • Garrett Richards
    • Richards didn’t really pitch in 2019 due to injury. But he has a career 3.60 ERA in the AL. He won’t be around for long, but he’s an excellent vet to have around a litany of young pitchers.
  • Zach Davies
    • 2019 Stats: 10-7, 3.55 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, 159.2 IP, 102 SO
    • He’s basically a not as good Kyle Hendricks. Still he’s another veteran to eat up innings and teach the young guns a thing or two.
  • Joey Lucchesi
    • 2019 Stats: 10-10, 4.18 ERA, 163.2 IP, 158 SO, 1.22 WHIP
    • He’s still only going into his 3rd pro season. And even though his 2019 wasn’t elite, he was roughly a top 20 pitcher in the NL. His velocity and movement are similar to Corbin, Boyd, and Manaea. He has the potential to be very formidable for a while.
  • Dinelson Lamet
    • 2019 Stats: 3-5, 4.07 ERA, 73 IP, 105 SO, 1.26 WHIP
    • We haven’t had much of a chance to see Lamet, but the way they talk about him, he has the makings of an ace. He throws mostly a mix of 4 pitches. He is in the 93 percentile in K rate. His velocity and movement is similar to Walker Buehler.
  • Bullpen
  1. Kirby Yates
    • 2019 Stats: 0-5, 1.19 ERA, 41 SV, 60.2 IP, 101 SO, 0.89 WHIP
    • He’s 33 but just hit the prime of his career since coming to the NL in 2017. His ERA against RHB in 2019? 0.00. He gave up 4 unearned runs. His batted ball profile is similar to Chris Sale, Blake Snell, Gerrit Cole, and Max Scherzer. He’s elite and will be for a couple more years. Think Jansen two years ago.
  • 2020 Projected lineup
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. (SS)
    • 2019 Stats: 334 AB, .317 AVG, .969 OPS, 22 HR, 16 SB
    • There is nothing this kid can’t do well. If he stayed healthy, he was the easy NL ROY choice. He’s on the team through 2025 and will probably be giving the Dodgers problems for life.
  • Tommy Pham (OF)
    • 2019 Stats: 567 AB, .273 AVG, .818 OPS, 21 HR, 25 SB
    • He’s an on-base machine with power and speed. He provides huge protection for Tatis.
  • Manny Machado (3B)
    • 2019 Stats: 587 AB, .256 AVG, .796 OPS, 32 HR, 5 SB
    • Signed through 2028 he isn’t going anywhere. He hasn’t found himself in the NL, but when he’s right he’s one of the best 5-tool stars in the game.
  • Eric Hosmer (1B)
    • 2019 Stats: 667 AB, .265 AVG, .735 OPS, 22 HR, 0 SB
    • Signed through 2025, he’s a great contact hitter and finds a way through holes.
  • Trent Grisham (OF)
    • 2019 Stats: 183 AB, .231 AVG, .738 OPS, 6 HR, 1 SB
    • The hope is he can develop his power and speed. He’s a plus defender.
  • Jurickson Profar (2B)
    • 2019 Stats: 518 AB, .218 AVG, .711 OPS, 20 HR, 9 SB
    • He’s another power-speed combo threat.
  • Francisco Mejia (C)
    • 2019 Stats: 244 AB, .265 AVG, .754 OPS, 8 HR, 1 SB
    • He’s known for his great arm and switch hitting abilities.
  • Franchy Codero (OF)
    • 2019 Stats: 20 PA, .333 AVG, .850 OPS, 0 HR, 1 SB
    • His best tools are his raw power and his speed. Followed with an above average arm.

Reserves Worth Knowing

  1. Josh Naylor (OF)
    • He came up for about half of last season and showed his potential at times. He’s only 22 and is known for immense power and a strong arm.
  2. Andres Munoz (RP)
    • He’s the next Padre closer. He’s a power arm. He blows 100+ past hitters, with a sinker and a plus slider to change up speeds. Once he has better control, he’ll shoot up the bullpen.

Top Minor Leaguers Coming Soon

  • Mackenzie Gore (LHP)- He’s the 3rd ranked prospect in baseball and the expected future ace of the team
  • Luis Patino (RHP)- 18th Overall. He’s never had an ERA above 3 in the minors. His best pitch is his fastball followed by his slider.
  • CJ Abrams (SS) – 22nd overall. He’s a pure hitter with great speed. He’s the only Milb player not expected to hit the majors this year.
  • Taylor Trammell (OF)- 69th overall. He has top tier speed that helps make him one of the best defensive prospects in the OF.

The Future

They have the #2 farm system in all of baseball. Here’s a look at a potential 2023 Padres Squad.

Every one of these players will be on the 2020 Padres roster except for CJ Abrams who will probably spend another year in the minors.

The Padres are ready to compete not only this year, but for the coming decade. You’re probably looking at the Dodger’s newest nemesis.

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