Simulated 2020 Season: Dodger Update

There’s been an interesting project of simulating what would’ve been the 2020 season for MLB. It’s being ran by Out Of The Park Baseball who is making a more holistic baseball video game for 2021. And while this is only a far from perfect simulation it is still fun to see how our Dodgers would maybe be doing.


  • Team production overall
  • Too Hot
  • Too Cold
  • Just Right

Dodgers Overall

The simulated Dodgers are 11-5 and a 0.5 game up on the Diamondbacks who are stepping up to be the Dodger’s main competition in the NL West. Here’s a look at the sim. box scores.

Most recently Buehler out-dueled Scherzer with Treinen getting his first save as a Dodger. They’ve won every series since dropping 2 of 3 to the Giants at the very beginning. Most notably was taking 3 of 4 for the 1st in the NL Central Cardinals. They’re tied for the second best record in the league behind the Oakland A’s.

2020 Simulated Studs

Mookie Betts- was worth the price. He’s started this season with a surprising power surge with 6 HRs in 16 games. He’s slashing .333/.352/.682 and has 2 SB just for giggles. Extend Betts now.

Corey Seager- Welcome back Seager Smooth. In this simulated season he is slashing .300/.400/.500 to start the season. He’s more valuable than Bellinger so far and he’s still hitting loads of doubles. Last time he hit like this, he was an MVP contender. We need to extend Seager too.

Walker Buehler- he’s the best pitcher in baseball so far. He’s pitched 4 starts (all quality starts) and has a 1.73 ERA to start the season. His WHIP is a dismal .692. He has 41 SO compared to 2 BB in. 26 IP. He already compiled 1.4 WAR. Not only is he starting out the favorite for the Cy Young, numbers like this can win MVP.

Kenley Jansen– big man is back. He’s 5 for 5 in saves. His ERA is sitting at 1.59. The only damage so far is a solo bomb. His WHIP is troubling, but it’s such a small sample size. His stats will either inflate or come down towards his ERA.

Ross Stripling- he’s the only pitcher to not give up a run. It’s only a few innings but kudos on a 0.00 ERA. So far he’s not being hit out of the pen.

2020 Simulated Duds

Gavin Lux– .209/.277/.349 in 47 ABs. He has a -0.1 WAR. He’s 0-2 in SB. He does have 2 HR but every other hit has been a single. He’s striking out and not walking. Rough start for the supposed ROY. He’s supposed to be a way better hitter and base runner than this.

Clayton Kershaw– He hasn’t won a game out of his 3 starts. He has an ERA of 4.34 which is unheard of for Kershaw. His WHIP is way above his career average at 1.23. Still He’s striking out guys at a rate of young Kersh and has 0.8 WAR. But he’s giving up way too many hits right now.

Max Muncy– it’s worse than Lux following his extension. He’s slashing .167/.265/.367. And that’s with 4 HRs in 68 ABs. His 8/22, BB/SO shows just how much he’s struggling at the plate. He also has a -0.1 WAR to start the season.

Will Smith– Fresh Prince seems to be going rotten. According to this simulation, Will Smith looks more like he did in September. He’s slashing .174/.296/.304. He’s also striking out a ton, and just can’t seem to hit the ball. When he does he has power, but he needs to work on his contact skills. Beyond that Barnes is OPSing .891 in 13 ABs. If that keeps up, he may lose his starting job.

David Price– the Price is wrong b**ch, and it shows. In his first 3 starts, despite going 2-1, Price has an ERA of 6.60. He’s getting hit worse than any other starter. He’s given up the most runs on the team. He’s given up the second most homers on the team. On the bright side, it can only go up from here. But if this keeps up, he’ll be moved to the pen in no time.

2020 Just Right

Cody Bellinger– he’s not starting as hot as he did last year, but maybe that will lead to more consistency throughout. He’s slashing .254/.357/.492. He has 3 bombs and SB. He has a 10/16 BB/SO ratio. Much more in line with his stats outside of last years MVP campaign. Hopefully this means that Bellinger is less Harper and more Yelich.

Justin Turner– like usual Turner is starting slow without dropping off the face of the planet. He’s batting .250/.375/.367. He’s walking almost as much as striking out. As usual he’s making contact, taking walks, and hoping the power comes later in the year. Still he’s the 4th most valuable position Dodger so far with a 0.5 WAR.

Alex Wood– He’s 3 starts in, 2-0 and has a 3.50 ERA. None of his starts are quality but most likely because of length. His only damage is coming from the long ball. His whip of 1.06 is promising.

Brusdar Graterol– he has a couple of unearned runs but his ERA is sitting at 2.25. His WHIP is 1.13 which is solid out of the pen. And his stuff is striking out guys at a 11.9 / 9IP rate. He’s struggling with his control but he’s coming exactly as advertised. Sucks to suck Red Sox.

Job Pederson– He’s hitting for power, has a low average, and is walking more than he’s striking out. He’s hitting exactly like we would expect while providing good value for the Dodgers as the 5th most valuable hitter.

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