Walker Buehler: A Really Good Pitcher


  • His Path To The Show
  • His Career So Far
  • His Matrix 2020
  • His Future

To The Show

Bueller was the Dodger’s 1st round pick of the 2015 draft at #24 overall. He came out of Vanderbilt with a 2.87 ERA, a 21-7 record, and elite stuff but needed TJ surgery. But this is why he slipped far enough for the Dodgers to take that chance on him.

Once he recovered and made his debut, he flew through the minors. He pitched less than 100 innings before making he MLB debut. He excelled after every promotion. He was MLB’s #12 ranked prospect at the time and the Dodger’s #1 overall. He was the #3 RHP prospect behind Ohtani and Kopech. He has definitely performed better than his scouting grades as well.

Career Numbers

Bueller only pitched 9 innings in 2017 so the season doesn’t mean much, but since then Buehler has emerged as a Top 10 Starter in baseball. He was a ROY finalist in 2018, an All Star in 2019, and finished 9th in the Cy young vote last year as well. Everything highlighted in red means he was among league leaders.


He throws his 4-seam half of the time because it is so elite. However he has a 6 pitch arsenal with 3 more pitches being borderline elite.

His slider has elite movement both ways. His cutter has extreme horizontal movement with 200% more break than the average cutter. And his curveball looks an awful lot like public enemy #1.

It’s also worth noting that Bueller has excelled in the postseason for the most part. In 6 games with 36.1 IP he has an ERA if 2.72. A WHIP of .853 and a 4.4 K/BB ratio with 10.9 K/9. It seems he won’t have to deal with the same criticisms as Kershaw.

Overall he has been a league leader since making it to the show.

Simulated Season So Far

Bueller will be winning a Cy Young in the Matrix if he keeps this up. He’s 2nd overall, behind Bumgarner, in ERA at 1.32. He’s tied for 6th in SO’s. He’s 1st in WHIP at .794. He’s 1st in FIP. He’s 5th in SO/9IP. Most importantly he’s tied for first with Gioloto in WAR among pitchers. He’s actually leading ALL of the NL in WAR and is only behind Lindor overall.

According to the OOTP simulation Buehler is ready to take his career to MVP levels.

His Future


Zips has a very modest projection for Buehler that would still qualify him for ace status. The sky’s really the limit. Buehler can be very good for a very long time if he can stay healthy, and that’s definitely the goal.

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