5/3/2020: MLB Season Updates

It’s starting to seem more and more likely that some form of baseball will be played out in 2020. Plans are being modified and set constantly but we have the latest highlights.


  • Latest Plan
  • New Leagues and Divisions
  • Latest Payroll Situations
  • The 2020 Draft
  • Government and MLB

Latest Plan

It seems that the Arizona, Florida, and Texas hubs idea has taken a back burner. Players and Staff are getting more optimistic about teams being able to play in their own ballparks this year, even though fans will most likely never come.

There will be more double-headers, no all star break, less off days, and more baseball in October. It looks like LA will need to wait to host the All Star Game and possibly the World Series.

The Draft will go on, though no one is sure how exactly. And although it hasn’t been confirmed, the assumption is there will be no MiLB this year.

Right now the target start date is the end of June or beginning of July. MLB wants to start the season up wherever it lies in the original 2020 schedule and go from there. Leagues may also be eliminated to create 3 main divisions.

New Divisions

This has been one of the most changed aspects as MLB continues to adapt to the situation, but here’s the latest idea to split up the leagues.

This would definitely mean a universal DH still. As well as more competition for the Dodgers. Here’s the combined 2019 records by these division splits.

  • West- 831 – 789
  • Central- 780 – 840
  • East- 818 – 802

And considering Mookie left the East for the West, it’s fair to say the West is undeniably the most competitive division.

Pay Around The League

MLB Umpires and the league have come to a decision of a 30% pay cut for the 2020 season.

Their paychecks started up again on May 1st as they got paid 70% of their normal pay. It is also agreed that if the season starts up, umpires per diems will be lowered from $500/day to $400/day. Their hotels will be booked by MLB to be the most economically advantageous.

There’s also talks of players taking a larger pay cut if the season is played without fans. One idea being thrown around right now is cutting their prorated salaries in half.

For example, If a player was supposed to make $10MM for the year and they wind up playing 81 games their actual pay will be $2.5MM. 81 games is half a season ($5MM) and cut in half again would be $2.5MM. This would equate to players taking roughly a 75% pay cut this year. If the season is cancelled entirely, they’ll be paid 4% of their salaries.

2020 Draft

After the success of the NFL’s virtual draft, the MLB will be following suit. It will take place June 10th-12th.

The MLBPA rejected the current format MLB offered with 10 rounds plus additional signings with a significant cap on bonus money. The MLB only has to do a minimum of 5 rounds though and may threaten to take rounds off the table for other compromises.

The Gov and Baseball

Fauci has been both optimistic and pessimistic about sports happening this year. TESTING, TESTING, TESTING, is the message he sends out. Safety is the most important factor in allowing sports to resume for him. If it’s safe and healthy for everyone involved, play ball.

Article written 4/29/20

Gov. Newsom indicated sports without fans would be stage 3 of his reopening.

Gov. Cuomo has been vocal about missing his teams as well. He likes the avenue of games without fans to help resume some form ion “normalcy”.

Article written 4/26/20

Mitch McConnell has even admitted to pushing an ASAP return of baseball to Manfred.

Article written 5/1/20


Pay cuts are happening across the league. Players are taking the brunt of this. Teams are doing their best to keep their suspended employees afloat. Baseball could be back in time for the 4th of July, and even though the Gov wants it to happen, we still appear a ways away.

You can also read our most recent past updates here and here, as they have other updates not mentioned in this article.

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