2020 Dodger’s Best Tools


Justin Turner

We’re not the only ones rating Turner as the Dodger’s best hit tool. MLB thinks so as well.

Of course Bellinger or Mookie would be possible answers, but Turner has been consistent. He’s been clutch. He’s been a cornerstone for 6 title teams. He reminds us of the way Adrian Gonzales would go up and get whatever the job is done. We would grade Turner as a 65 hit tool as he’s basically a guarantee for .800+ OPS.


Edwin Rios

Rios had a hard hit rate of 65.4% in almost 60 PA last year. His average exit velocity was 95.5 MPH. That’s good for 4th in the league last year. Right behind Aaron Judge and Joey Gallo.

His power as a prospect only received a 55 out of 80 grade but he hit 31 HR last year with AAA OKC. And then 4 more at the MLB level. In fact, he’s hit 99 HR in his short professional career so far.

He’d be a regular by now if it weren’t for his defense. He plays 3B/1B/OF and none of it especially well. But if we need a versatile DH, we have one. If we had to grade his power, we’d give Rios a 70 backed by his solid 6’3″, 220 Lb frame.


Gavin Lux

Lux matches Bellinger with a 28.8 Ft/s sprint speed. His home to 1B time is 25th overall in the majors. He’s the 5th fastest 2B. He’s the 3rd fastest at his age.

His prospect grade for speed is a 60 out of 80. He stole 2 bases in his short time in the Show to bring his career total to 54. Considering he’s a few years younger than Bellinger, and he still could get faster, we’re giving Lux the best speed tool.



Probably his most underrated tool. His incredible outfield arm. Here’s a highlight game against the Mets where he had 2 amazing throws to save runs. We’d grade that arm as at least a 65.


Kike Hernandez

Now again, Mookie and Bellinger both could have won here. But what makes Kike a true defensive value is his versatility. Bellinger and Mookie both played a corner outfield spot. Kike played, well, everything.

Kike provides value across the diamond, while playing a gold glove 2B. He’s played every position but catcher and provides normally at least league average defense. Anyone who can play 8 positions at at least a league average rate is actually well above average.

We give Kike a 70 defense grade because you can literally put him anywhere and he’ll do something incredible.

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