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Dodgers: The Rest Of The 40-Man Roster

The MLB and Players will negotiate this week over the MLB’s proposal for the 2020 season. Rumors have it that the Universal DH is all but certain, and rosters could expand to as large as 45-50 players considering the MiLB won’t be playing. That means there are a lot more names to know for the Dodgers this year as they are arguably the deepest team in baseball. And we have everything you need to know in case someone breaks


  • 40-Man Pitchers
  • 40-Man Position Players
  • Non-roster Possibles
  • Breakout Candidates


Victor Gonzales

We already did a full deep dive on Gonzales, so you know we see the potential here. He was given a lot of attention during ST this year and he did not disappoint. He looked good in almost all of his starts with a fastball like the great Josh Hader. He looks largely underrated as the Dodger’s 21st ranked prospect.

Dennis Santana

Some of you may remember Santana debuting in 2017 before he was derailed by TJ surgery. He pitched well in AA and AAA in his return in 2018, but struggled in 2019. He put up a 6.94 ERA in 27 G with 17 GS in OKC. He is still the Dodger’s 16th ranked prospects


Josh Sborz

Sborz is a reliever who did not impress in his major league debut with an 8 ERA in 9 IP. His minor league stats are good, but nothing exceptional. He’s a dependable arm for games that get out of hand



Mitchell White

He’s the Dodger’s 11th overall prospect. He earned his promotion to AAA last year, but didn’t impress in OKC with blister issues. Still that’s seem consistent with his career, in that he needs a year to adapt. His heater went down from 92-97 MPH to 90-93 MPH with the AAA juiced ball. He’s working on getting better against lefties who slugged him hard last year.

Position Players

Keibert Ruiz

Will Smith was never our top catching prospect. Ruiz was, and is still the Dodger’s #4th overall prospect. He’s played in 5 seasons but only turns 22 in July. He’s a good contact switch hitter, but hasn’t seen consistent power. He is better from the left side of the plate similar to Grandal. He’ll probably catch about 1 out of games 5 to start. If others don’t do well, or he excels, he could earn the starting job from the Fresh Prince.

Zach McKinstry

McKinstry was probably the biggest surprise of ST this year. He hit .407 with a OPS of 1.226 in 27 ABs. He was largely considered the best player after Gavin Lux in OKC, where he slashed .300/.366/.516 in 430 ABs. It launched him to the Dodger’s 20th overall spot and an almost guaranteed spot on the roster this year. He can play almost any position outside of pitching and catching. He’s the lefty version of Kike and Taylor.

Edwin Rios

Holy power. Rios is the Dodger’s 18th overall prospect and finally debuted last year. We recently grade Rios with the best power tool of any Dodger and explained in detail why. But Rios has power seen only in players like Judge and Gallo. The only reason he hasn’t played as much is because of his defensive issues and the depth of the Dodgers. He could be a DH on any team right now.

Dj Peters

Checking in as the #13 overall prospect is our 6 foot 6 right handed power outfielder. Dodger fans have been calling for him for a while like Yankees fan call for Clint Fraizer. An outfield with two MVP’s doesn’t represent a lot of opportunity, but the DH spot make open some opportunities.


Non-Roster Players

Josiah Gray

Gray has vaulted himself to the #3 overall prospect ranking after Lux and May. He has a 2.37 ERA in 182 minor league career innings. He hasn’t missed a beat after every promotion. He hasn’t seen AAA but will most likely see bullpen experience this year. He has a plus fastball that hits 97, a sharp slider, and two other average offerings to keep batters out of rhythm.

Edwin Uceta

He’s tiny and mighty. His stuff during the spring looked incredible. His best pitch is his change followed by his fastball. His curve also looks like it has some good spin. He took a huge leap forward last year putting up a 2.77 ERA between A+ and AA. He’s now the Dodger’s 25th overall prospect and looking for a starting position in the future.

Omar Estevez

He’s another back up infielder who has a natural hitting ability. He’s best suited for 2B but can also play short. He’s still only 22 and was a big Cuban signing at 18. He has the potential to be a solid bat.


Cristian Santana

He’s one of the few 3B we have in our system, and one of the even fewer who is capable of playing in the show. He just turned 23 and has a career slash line of .285/.314/.439. He needs to learn patience at the plate, but other than that, the ability is there.

Terrance Gore

He’s a vet with defensive abilities and will most likely be used as a pitch runner.

Cody Thomas

He was the backup to Baker Mayfield and now he may be playing in Dodger stadium. He put himself on the map by hitting 5 HR in 22 ABs this spring. The OF just doesn’t have the room for him yet.

Breakout Candidates

Victor Gonzales

He has the potential to be lights out, out of the pen. The coaching staff and front office seems to like his stuff. Without many lefties in the pen Gonzales should have plenty of opportunity to prove himself.

Edwin Rios

He hit a homer in every 12 ABs last year. With the DH spot open Rios has the potential to get his bat into the lineup every day. If he can get 500 ABs we could be talking a 40 HR threat.

Zach McKinstry

The Dodgers possibly lose Turner this year. McKinstry may have a lot to do with whether he resigns or not. McKinstry is a capable 3B and has shown immense talent with the bat. It’s very possible he hits his way into the lineup almost everyday as a utility player. Especially against right handers.

Cristian Santana

He has been up and down the Dodgers top prospects chart showing an incredibly high ceiling but a low floor to go with it. He’s another 3B looking to audition for Turner’s role. If he can cut down on the chasing, his bat has some serious power.


Keibert Ruiz

We don’t have a starting catcher at the moment. Will Smith cooled off dramatically after his incredible start, and Austin Barnes is nearing 30 even if he rebounds this year. Ruiz meanwhile is our youngest catcher and a switch hitter. He’s already a dependable defender, so if his bat comes in hot, he could be the starter by years end.

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