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2020 Updated MLB Power Rankings

The 2020 season finally has an outline for what to expect if we get a season. Teams will play mostly in division and against geographic interleague opponents ignoring 20 other teams until the playoffs. A universal DH is all but certain. We’re looking at roughly 80 games. Rosters are being expanded to 30 with a 20 man practice squad and we can expect more double headers.


There were bound to be winners and losers of whatever was decided but did it really change the overall rankings going into the season? We give our own rankings based on our odds for each team to win the championship. We compare our own rankings to ESPN’s “What would’ve been opening day” rankings.



  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (ESPN #1)

The Dodgers lost a wealth of talent, including breakout Cy Young candidate Ryu, but gained a Mookie Betts, a next level Bellinger, a healthy Corey Seager, breakout power threat Max Muncy, top prospects Lux and May, and just boast the deepest system in all of baseball. Something that has become the most valuable asset a team can have for this strange 2020 season.

The shortened season and the DH modifications both made the Dodgers better. It gives them ability to turn loose ace Walker Buehler and other young weapons, balances a roster that really needs just one more spot for a hitter, and gives frequently injured veterans like Pollock, Kershaw, and Turner ample time to rest and stay healthy.

They are still by far the best team in the NL West and should walk into their 8th crown in a row. However, their competition grew steeper with the addition of a crowded AL West. It could effect their overall record and seeding in playoffs. Still, with 7 teams in the NL making playoffs, the Dodgers are basically a post season given coming off of a disappointing finish to 2019. They’re hungry and arguably the best team ever constructed.


2) New York Yankees (#2)

The Empire will strike back. The Yankees still have a death lineup, a killer bullpen, and a rotation now lead by Gerrit Cole. If their lineup stays healthy, they will absolutely shatter power records. Paxton is ready for the start of the season now. Stanton would be missing the season anyways. Judge is looking forward to showing he’s healthy.

Their depth seems like an area of weakness as their 25 man roster is loaded, with a drop off from there. However, they were tested last year and continued to annihilate teams. Their starting pitching was weak, but again they added the best in the game. The Yankees have been on a championship drought and a lot of their key players will be hitting the market sooner or later.

They put together a team that can beat any other team when right and don’t have any serious competition in the East outside of the Rays.

3) Tampa Bay Rays (#4)

The Rays continue to somehow sneak by with 90+ wins without drawing attention. They have the best farm system in baseball with some of those players expected to debut. They have breakout MVP caliber Austin Meadows. Cy Young winner Blake Snell, followed by Glasnow and Morton. Not to mention Nick Anderson was one of the best relievers in baseball last year.

They have the #1 overall prospect in Wander Franco. He’s expected to debut next year, but the lack of a MiLB season and expanded rosters may equal an early promotion. They also have two-way star Brendan McKay ready to help for a full season.

They’re basically the A’s of the East and should be firmly entrench in second, with one of the top records, behind the Yankees if this season is played.


4) Oakland Athletics (#8)

The A’s are one of the teams that benefit the most from a shortened season. They have young arms that are extremely dangerous but had inning caps. Top 100 Prospects like Jesus Luzardo and AJ Puk can now start for the whole year which turns their starting rotation into a strength. Plus fellow top catching prospect Sean Murphy is ready for a full season of play after an impressive debut.

Their lineup is full of underrated stars like Matt Chapman, Matt Olson, Khris Davis, Mark Cahna, Ramon Laureano, and Marcus Semien. Their bullpen has some of the most lights out arms in the game. The NL West should help their record outside of the Dodgers.

As for the AL West, the Astros are ready to be dethroned and who better than the tough luck A’s. They were 8-11 against the Asterisks last year while they got better, and the Astros got busted for cheating after losing Gerrit Cole.

5) Minnesota Twins (#5)

Their lineup hit a record amount of home runs last year and they added Josh Donaldson. But their starting pitching couldn’t keep them in the games that mattered most.

They have the most underrated closer in baseball in Rogers. And they added starting pitching depth in Maeda, Hill, Bailey, and Pineda to back up young gun Berrios.

They’re practically a lock for the division unless the White Sox can pull off huge strides in improvement. Now they have the pitching and experience to compete in any playoff series when you add their ridiculous offense.


6) Atlanta Braves (#6)

The Braves are definitely the favorites for the competitive NL Central. Acuna and Albies may be one of the best young duos in baseball. The team is one of the key beneficiaries of the universal DH. Austin Riley in particular should be excited for the extra at bats after the signing of Marcell Ozuna.

A rotation headed by 3 potential breakout stars in Soroka, Foltynewicz, and Fried added veterans Felix Hernandez and Cole Hamels to solidify the back end of the rotation.

They also have a top 10 farm system with 7 of their top 10 prospects expected to debut in 2020. Chances are one prospect of the bunch will breakout at some point with the 30 man roster.


7) Houston Astros (#3)

We may be bias here, but there are a lot of reasons to lower the Astros rankings. They have to play in the toughest new division of the West. They lost their best pitcher. The A’s and the Angels both got a lot better. They have one of the worst farm systems in baseball at this point. And everyone will be playing at their best against them.

Not to mention that they had a 60-21 home record, where they supposedly cheat, vs a 47-34 away record. Seems to be a dramatic split.

Their lineup is still one of the most threatening in baseball but their reign is coming to an end and the window on this disgraced team is closing.

8) Washington Nationals (#7)

The defending champs lost their MVP in Anthony Rendon after losing Harper the year before. Still it’s a three horse race between the Nats, Phils, and Mets for the NL East division.

The Nats are anchored by a strong starting rotation of Scherzer, Strasburg, and Corbin. Followed by a young combination of talent with Turner, Soto, Robles, and Keiboom. Mixed with vets like Eaton, Kendrick, Asdrubal, and now Thames and the Nats basically have the same type of team that won them a World Series. Still Rendon is leaving a huge gap in this lineup.

9) St. Louis Cardinals (#12)

They’re the second best NL Central team with a scrappy bunch of B+ players. Jack Flaherty looks to produce at a Cy Young level for a whole season. Tommy Edman looks to improve on his already excellent debut. Paul Goldschmidt had his worst season in years and was still a threat at the plate. And Jordan Hicks is one of the most electric closers in the game. There’s a lot to like here from a possible surprise championship team.

10) Los Angeles Angels (#14)

The Angels refuse to shell out for pitching help. They abandoned a deal that would net them Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling. Of course signing Rendon to a lineup with Trout, Ohtani, and Upton sounds pretty frightening for any pitcher. If Ohtani pitches for the full year and the rest of the staff keeps up, the Angels may make their first postseason in almost half a decade.

The Angels refuse to shell out for pitching help. They abandoned a deal that would net them Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling. Of course signing Rendon to a lineup with Trout, Ohtani, and Upton sounds pretty frightening for any pitcher. If Ohtani pitches for the full year and the rest of the staff keeps up, the Angels may make their first postseason in almost half a decade.

Longer Shots

11) Chicago White Sox (#18)

12) Cincinatti Reds (#13)

13) New York Mets (#11)

14) Cleveland Indians (#9)

15) Chicago Cubs (#10)

16) Arizona Diamondbacks (#16)

17) Boston Red Sox (#19)

18) Milwaukee Brewers (#15)

19) San Diego Padres (#20)

20) Philedelphia Phillies (#17)



21) Toronto Blue Jays (#22)

22) Texas Rangers (#21)

23) Colorado Rockies (#23)

24) Pittsburgh Pirates (#25)

25) San Fransisco Giants (#24)

26) Miami Marlins (#27)

27) Seattle Mariners (#28)

28) Kansas City Royals (#26)

29) Detroit Tigers (#29)

30) Baltimore Orioles (#30)


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