5/29/2020 MLB UPDATES

We can’t even start without stating that much more important events are happening in the world, but this site is about baseball. And we, like many other people, sometimes need news that isn’t about the current tragedies.

That also being said, MLB isn’t exactly in better shape. The Owners and Players seem to be a standoff on almost every issue.


  • Negotiations Continue
  • Minor League Debacle
  • MLB Draft
  • Other Sports

Negotiation Continue

The MLB and MLBPA don’t seem to be close to making a deal yet even though both sides are still at the table. The goal is an opening day around July 4th weekend, however that means we have about a week and a half at most to make a deal.

The MLB wanted an 82 game season, extended playoffs, and severe health standards which wasn’t a point of disagreement at first.

However, the MLB Owners refused to show the actual books or give a actual number as far as what they are willing to pay. They offered a sliding play scale, that took mostly from the largest contracts in the league, on top of the players initially agreeing to prorated salaries. For example, Mike Trout’s salary under this proposal is about 10% of his agreed contract salary.

Many remarked that this was an attempt by the Owners to turn the narrative against the league’s elite players and the MLBPA against itself. However, that was not the reaction as the Players came back with a proposal that was equally stubborn. Most likely as a statement as to how disgraceful they view Owners’ actions at this time.

They simply didn’t budge and the public is not really blaming them. If anyone is mad at the players, they are generally mad at the owners as well. Here’s just a few examples.


Minor League Debacle

On top of the negotiations getting tense for the players, Minor League players are officially getting laid off across the league. For example the Cubs, Mets, and D-backs released 28 top 41 players each.

Luckily, some of the well established MLB Veterans have stepped in and offered to pay Minor League Players as they remember the struggle. David Price is paying $1,000 to every Dodger minor leaguer and he hasn’t even played in LA.

There are also many other players showing similar examples of philanthropy as MLB Owners seem to be cutting corners everywhere they can.


MLB Draft

The Draft has also been cut dramatically at the chagrin on the players again.

Overall baseball is in dire shape. Hopefully the two sides can reconcile and avoid a strike in the upcoming year.

Other Sports

The NBA is hoping to return by July 31st with at least most teams (20+) having a shot at the playoffs. Disney World is currently the front runner to house the rest of the season in hopes to avoid the virus.

The NFL is planning on playing the next season as scheduled and even with fans.

MLS is expected to return at some point in late June.


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