Dodgers, 10% of The Way There…

Well, much like the rest of 2020, the Dodger’s season hasn’t started exactly as expected. Still the Dodgers finished the first 2 series with a 4-2 overall record.


  • Dodgers V. Giants Series Recap
  • Dodgers V Astros Series Recap

Dodgers V. Giants

  • Game 1 – Dodgers Win 8-1

Kershaw was scratched with a bad back, but that allowed Dustin May to become the Dodger’s first Opening Day Rookie Starter since Fernando Valenzuela in 1981. (Also a shortened season that ended with the Dodgers winning the WS…). May would only go 4 1/3 but the bullpen only allowed 1 hit after him, showing no signs of being effected by the new 3 batter rule.

Overall the entire lineup, pinch hitting aside, came away from game 1 with a hit. However this day belonged to Kike Hernandez’s Mustache as it was 4-5 with 2 runs scored, and 5 RBI. His OPS for the game, a casual 2.200.

  • Game 2 – Dodgers Win 9-1

Stripling earns Player of the Game honors here. He went 7 innings of 1 run ball, with 4 hits and 7 strikeouts. Not many pitchers have started the season with a 7 inning outing let alone such a stellar one.

As for the lineup, Muncy homered twice, and Turner and Seager had multi-hit efforts with extra bases.

  • Game 3 – Dodgers Lose 5-4

Alex Wood did not look good, and he was immediately placed on the IL after this start with shoulder inflammation.

Still a mostly good outing from the bullpen kept the Dodgers in the game until the very end. However, a very hot and cold offense left 8 batters on the field and caused several outs on the base paths. It was a very frustrating game as the Dodgers really should have won it, and by a lot…

  • Game 4 – Dodgers Lose 3-1

This game honestly just goes to a great day for the San Francisco Pitching experiment. Smyly showed good but not great stuff, but managed to keep the damage to 1 run over 3 1/3. After that, 6 SF pitchers limited the Dodgers to 3 hits the rest of the game.

Still Urias, reminded us at times why he received so much hype as a 19 year old prospect. He struggled with control, but the stuff looks good.


Overall, coming away from the series 2-2 was very disappointing for the Dodgers. This is not a season to give away games like they did in game 3. They won’t win them all, but they’ll need to do better than .500 against bottom tier teams if they want to win this crowded NL West.

Dodgers V. Astros

  • Game 5 – Dodgers Win 5-2

Buehler pitched pretty well for his 26th birthday. He stifled every Astro not named Carlos Correa who did all the damage against Walker.

The Dodgers looked like they may slump for a third straight until a 5th inning rally that started and ended with Corey Seager.

After that, the bullpen was lights out and feisty. We won’t say anything except… Nice Swing, Correa.

  • Game 6 – Dodgers Win 4-2

SWEEP. It was only two games, but ohhhhh was it a sweeeeet sweep.

May came out for another 3 1/3 and looked great. Unfortunately with the importance of each game, and the Dodgers protecting their young stud, he was pulled when he ran into a little bit of trouble in the 4th.

Seager hit a bullet into the right field stands for his first homer of the year to continue is MVP worthy start. Seriously, he has the most hard hit balls in the majors so far with 13. Second and third are 10 and 9 respectively. He also leads in total barrels in the league.

He’s OPSing .913 which is phenomenal, and he’s not even close to his expected OPS of 1.466. His expected batting average alone is .492. Just look at his league percentiles to start the 2020 season on statcast.

He’s healthy and you need to watch this kid, and a reminder that he is a Free Agent soon. We need him to stay in LA.


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