Dodgers Top Trade Targets Trevor Bauer

Well usually trade season would have already come and passed with much more happening than this year most likely. However, the trade deadline had to be pushed to August 31s in 2020. And even though we’re roughly 15 games in, it’s only 3 weeks away. Keep in mind by then, the season will technically be halfway done.

Unfortunately teams with upcoming FAs will probably not get even close to the return they would normally get. We really have no basis on if this will mean the market booms or busts this year, but it will most likely not be normal.

We have a short list of what we think are the most ideal trade targets for finally taking home the trophy back to LA. And today we’re focusing on big personality, Trevor Bauer.



  • Trevor Bauer, SP,
    • Reds
    • 3rd Place NL Central
    • Free Agent 2020

Bauer has long been connected to LA. He’s probably the most well known personality in baseball and would clearly love being in the land of Hollywood.

The Reds currently have 3 aces between Gray, Castillo, and now Bauer. They’ll be hesitant to give up that third ace if they stay in playoff contention, but they also have a depleted farm system, outside of young aces they can replace Bauer with.

Why He Fits The Dodgers

The Dodgers maybe have two weak spots, if that… But the most obvious needs right now are at catcher and the starting rotation. And even though we probably have more need for an offensive catcher, but most World Series teams win because of their starters over their 7-9 hitters.


Also, most teams will be hesitant to pay for a player they don’t necessarily know if they’ll extend. Or even worse, pay for a guy for 30 games. But the Dodgers have so much talent overflow, and an unquenchable thirst for a World Series title under any circumstance (outside of cheating) that they may be ok with a 30 day rental.

The Trade Market

We’ll start out by saying trying to predict the price in this market is crazy, and will probably come down to what players the Reds front office really wants. For all we know, they’re willing to do a one-for-one trade if it’s the right prospect.

I.e. if the Dodgers offered Dustin May for Bauer straight up, the Reds would have to be more stupid than the Dodgers for offering that deal to refuse it. Our bet is the Dodgers refuse to trade just about any top 10 prospect this year.


So back to Bauer. He’s most likely going to be the biggest fish in the market this year. As of right now the Reds are in playoff contention, but that may change in the next couple weeks.

So If Bauer does wind up on the market, the floor offer has to be better than the compensation draft pick they would receive. In a normal year, it could take up to 4 top prospects to land a pitcher with this potential. For example, the Astros traded 4 of their top 30 prospects to land Zack Greinke last year. But this is far from a normal year. Whoever pays for Bauer, may only be paying for about 30 games.

And unfortunately almost every playoff team will want him. Especially fellow World Series favorites, the Yankees. With more bidders, the cost will go wayyyy up. But it also may be contingent on Bauer signing an extension with whatever team lands him. Outside of the Yankees, we could easily see the Cubs, Braves, Padres, and A’s join the mix if they continue to play well.

The Proposal

Mitchell White (12th), Omar Estevez (27th) ,and PTBD or cash


Mitchell White is a mid rotation starter or long relief pitcher as of right now. He struggled in Triple-A last year, but has always struggled (and then improved) after each promotion. Sadly for White, the Dodgers having arguably the best pitching staff in baseball has kept him from making the Show.

But on the Reds, White can still make an impact this year in place of Bauer. He has 3 plus pitches (FB, Curve, Slider) and is working on a change. His fastball sits between 92-97 with a cut, and his curve and slider both seem to have a nice bite. In fact, when White is healthy, some see him potentially as a future ace. But last year, blisters took away velocity and movement from his pitches.

As for Estevez, he is one of the Dodgers best shortstop prospects not named Lux. Especially as far as truly developed talent that can make an impact now or soon.

And the Reds could use some stock in their future infield. Shortstop is a major hole for this team and chances are they’re banking on signing one of the big names hitting the market soon. Right now, Galvis is only hitting .205 with an OPS+ of 93 at SS. And that’s actually better than his career OPS+ of 82. In fact, almost all of the Reds infield utility players are sitting below the Mendoza line (.200) in BA.

But they may find value is a Kike Hernandez type player with ability to play around the feel and provide a contact/power bat. Estevez hit .292/.359/.429 last year taking a big step forward in understanding the strike zone. It’s a good time any hitter strikeouts less and walks more frequently. Again there’s no room for Estevez on this Dodgers team, but he could immediately make an impact for this Reds team.


The third player would just be to sweeten the pot. Probably an unranked long shot the Reds want to take a shot on. If not the Dodgers can always offer cash.


So Bauer would join the Dodger’s top 3 and probably push Wood and Stripling back into the pen. The Reds would get a bullpen arm or starter with ace potential for years, middle infield depth, and whatever else they need to make the deal work for them.


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  1. As much as I would love for this to happen, no way we get Trevor Bauer for a b prospect a fringe B prospect. Might take a Kelbert Ruiz on top of that to pry away. Which I would do with Smith and Candoya (Sorry, I feel spelling is wrong) plenty of cheap talented C moving forward. But I just don’t know why Bauer hasn’t been a Dodger yet, seems like these 2, Dodgers and Bauer are of the same line of thinking.

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