Dodger Trade Targets Salvador Perez

You may remember Salvador Perez from his back to back trips to the World Series on the Kansas City Royals. One of which he took home the ring and the World Series MVP trophy. Now he’s about the only star from that 2015 group still in KC.

And after missing 2019 with Tommy John surgery he’s back, he’s healthy, and he’s on a tear.

Perez Breakdown

Well according to Statcast, Perez should be basically a top 25 bat in baseball right now. And so far he’s slashing .329/.341/.557. As far as catchers go he only ranks behind JT Realmuto in OPS. Who will be most teams number 1 target.

He has 4 home runs and 6 doubles. And he’s tied for 32nd in total WAR for 2020. For reference he ranks above every Dodger currently except Mookie and Seager.

Why The Dodger Want Perez

For starters, we’d have him for next season as well. A huge plus for this weird deadline. It’ll be easier for both teams to have appropriate offers assuming 2021 is normal.

Will Smith is sitting out once again, and his actual stats are no where near his expected stats. He’ll be great for the Dodgers very soon, but we don’t exactly know when. Perez is great right now, and has loads of successful playoff experience.


He’s not exactly the best defender but that’s actually one things the Dodgers currently have in spades. They need a catcher who can do well enough behind the plate and much better in the box.

Why The Royals Would Sell

The Royals are better than they thought they would be with a lot of young talent this year. However, they aren’t going to compete for the World Series these last two seasons with Perez. He’s definitely a sell candidate next year, but his value may only decrease from here, or worse, he may get injured again.

Right now they can get a pretty nice return for Perez. Who knows what will happen by next year or if as many teams will be interested. He’s getting older and may be peaking. Also worth noting his $13 million for next year is a lot of money for the small market Royals.

The Royals would probably need a catcher that has MLB potential in return. But their big needs outside of that are relief pitching in the future, the starting rotation, and the outfield.

With that in mind….

The Offer

Dodgers send ->

Diego Cartaya, C, (Dodger’s 8th overall), Dj Peters, OF (14th), and Gerardo Carrillo, RHP (20th)

Royals send ->

Trevor Rosenthal, RHP and Salvador Perez, C

Cartaya is only 18 and has quite the pedigree. He’s a long ways away from helping in the majors, but the ceiling is high enough that he ranks 8th in a loaded Dodgers system. Only 5 spots behind top 10 catching prospect Keibert Ruiz.

Peters is a big right handed outfielder who is bound to hit a lot of homers as soon as he’s not in a log jam with two MVPs.

Carrillo is fresh to the Dodgers top prospect list behind a triple digit fastball and starting potential if he could get better control of his plus stuff. He could start in the Royals pen now and compete for the rotation in near future.

As for the Dodgers, Trevor Rosenthal is on a one year contract and has looked tremendous as the Royals closer this year. You can never have enough closers in one bullpen.

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