Justin Turner: 1st Silver Slugger

Turner, in his time with LA, has slashed .301/.380/.503. He has had an OPS+ of 138, 114 HR, 401 RBI, and three top 15 MVP finishes. Yet he has never won a silver slugger. Including his All star year and highest MVP finish of 8 where he slashed .322/.415/.530. And Turner is off to another year of solid production, even after another slow power start.

He can thank Nolan Arenado for winning 4 silver sluggers, and Rendon for winning the other 2 since 2014. Arenado has started slow and is even struggling more of late. And Rendon left for the AL. The award looks up for grabs to someone else this year.


At his low on August 4th Turner was only hitting .234/.327/.362. But in his last 15 games he is hitting .309/.387/.455. He’s still only slashing .275/.359/.412, but his 13 game hitting streak, which included his first 2 home runs on the year, show JT is heating up as usual.

Among NL 3rd basemen, he’s currently 3rd in average, 2nd in OBP, and 1st in RBI. But he’s 7th out of 10 in slugging. Still, considering he’s still top 5 in OPS without his power, the future looks bright if Turner’s history of slow power starts shows us any pattern.

And with his hardest hit ball of the year, at 108 MPH, coming tonight, he looks to be trending up towards that first silver slugger at age 35. Oh yeah, he also set the Dodgers record for most hit by pitches.


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