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Bellinger Is Back

It’s been a weird start for a lot of MLB’s stars including, the reigning NL MVP, Bellinger.

The season finally started on July 23rd, and unfortunately for Bellinger it was a rough first week. He finished July batting .139/.205/.167. He had 5 hits and only one for extra bases (a double).


He started off August on the right foot showing a glimpse of what he’s capable of. He had back to back games with home runs and followed that with a 2 hit night. It was nice to see for a talented player who has been grinding all year for results.

Unfortunately, he still stalled out according the Bellinger standards and statcast claims he’s been unlucky. Statcast predicts his OPS to be .880 vs his actual .757.

On August 13th, Bellinger was slashing a mere .165/.224/.266. He was a third of his way through the season and one of the worst qualified batters in all of baseball.

However, in his last 15 games, Bellinger is slashing .309/.397/.709 with 12 Runs, 6 homers, 12 RBI, 8/13 BB/SO, and a stolen base for good measure. For reference, Bellinger finished his MVP 2019 at .305/.406/.629.


And he’s currently getting hotter. He’s slashing .423/.500/.885 in his last 7. Which looks extremely close to Bellinger’s incredible 2019 April line of .416/.505/.843. That same MVP greatness has been back for 2 weeks now.

And all things considered his August line is a very respectable .264/.337/.571 with all 8 of his home runs this year. That .908 OPS is exactly in line with his career .915. Plus his stellar defense makes an early quiet bat easier to forgive.

Welcome back Belli. Enjoy terrorizing opposing pitchers.


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