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(3 of 26) Dodger 2021 Rankings: Corey Seager

We called the Corey Seager MVP explosion last year. Now that our secret weapon has lost the "secret" after two playoff MVP's, we want to see what is expected of Seager in 2021. More specifically, are the ZIPs projections still low balling him, or was last year enough to silence the non-believers. Highlights Seager 2021... Continue Reading →

Dodgers: Pitching Power Rankings

The Dodgers are so loaded with pitching talent, that young phenoms Julio Urias, Dustin May, and Tony Gonsolin may all be competing for the 5TH STARTER roster spot. Friedman traded away two veteran relievers because the Dodgers don't have enough innings to give them. The bullpen has at least 6 pitchers with saves in their... Continue Reading →

Zach “Secret Weapon” McKinstry

Zach McKinstry has been officially dubbed the 2021 Dodger's secret weapon. If you remember a time before covid, you remember that he was also the talk of the Dodger's 2020 spring training camp after hitting a tremendous .414/.452/.862 for an overall OPS of 1.314. And that performance was backed by a .382/.421/.753 line in the... Continue Reading →

Matt Davidson: 26th Man?

Friedman deserves another award for signing Matt Davidson after the DH in the National League was dismissed. We did a deep dive on why Davidson deserves a roster spot.

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