Pujols So Far…

Pujols is on FIRE!

Corey Seager: Dodger For Life

Ok. We've seen enough. Corey Seager needs to be a Dodger for life. If he isn't, it may be the biggest regret for the franchise in decades. Don't believe us? Hear us out. Highlights Prospect PedigreeCareer So FarHis Incredible 2020The Mookie Seager 1-2 PunchMaking An Offer Prospect Pedigree And with the 18th pick in the... Continue Reading →

Kershaw In 60 Games

BASEBALL IS BACK! Kind of... Sort of.... A LITTLE BIT OF BASEBALL IS BACK! But how will the Dodgers do in 60 games? We're going to start making predictions as we're officially less than a month away from the start of this once in a lifetime season. We wanted to start off with King Kershaw.... Continue Reading →

WAR! Part 1: Position Players

What is W.A.R. put simply? WAR stands for Wins Above Replacement. In other words, how much better or worse is the player you are looking at, than the average replacement player available either FA or from the Minors. If a MLB player was average at his position in every way possible, he would have 0.0... Continue Reading →

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