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Lux Is Here

Gavin has arrived and the league should be terrified.

(4 of 26) Dodger 2021 Rankings: Trevor Bauer

Bauer was the most highly debated name this offseason, and now he represents one of the highest paid players in baseball history in possibly one of the greatest rotations in history. There is no true number 1, there's 3 and here's how the newest member is projecting. Highlights Bauer's ProjectionsBauer's 2020Over/Under ProjectionsOur 2021 Projections... Continue Reading →

Dodger’s 2021 ROY Candidates

The Dodgers have been spoiled since Friedman and Co have taken over the reigns on the farm system. Consistently ranked among the top 10 in the game every year, it feels like the Dodgers constantly have someone in the running for ROY. Even last year when the early on favorite Gavin Lux of the Dodgers... Continue Reading →

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