Dodger’s Biggest Offseason Questions (Part 4 of 5)

Highlights Do The Dodgers Start Extending Their Young Stars?Who's The Next Prospect(s) Up?Who's The Closer?Who Do We Resign?Who Do We Buy/Trade For? Dodger's 2020/21 Free Agents The Dodgers have 7 contributors to the 2020 Championship that are leaving for the market this year. Veteran pieces, Terrance Gore and Jimmy Nelson, will also be leaving after... Continue Reading →

3 Keys to Dodgers NLCS Comeback

The Dodgers can count on these three things when they're winning games. Get Up Early/RISP Production This one is pretty simple. The team to score first has won every game of this series so far. There have been no lead changes in the series either. Whoever has gone up has stayed up, or at worst... Continue Reading →

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