Bauer or a FA Rotation?

Most eyes are focused on Bauer as he continues to decide where to take his talents this offseason. Teams like the Padres, Angels, Yankees, and just about every contender without enough pitching is doing their best to persuade the right hander to their city. However, with the price tag and uncertainty that comes along with... Continue Reading →

Steve Cishek: Perfect For The Dodgers

It's not secret the Dodgers needed to and are adding to a depleted pen. They have traded for Corey Knebel, resigned Scott Alexander, Jimmy Nelson, and made a flurry of minor league moves including names like Brandon Morrow. It's also known that the Dodgers are trying to replicate the success their World Series counterparts uncovered... Continue Reading →

Brad Hand: Free Agency

So far, the Dodger's offseason has only been filled with Trade Rumors. But it appears the Dodgers have finally set their sights on their ideal FA fit. The first free agent target for the Dodgers has finally surfaced, and it's 30-year-old reliever, Brad Hand. Considering the Dodgers are possibly losing Baez, Wood, McGee and Treinen... Continue Reading →

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