MLB and Covid Updates: 4/16/20

There’s still no word of baseball’s return, but even Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw have said they don’t believe in the current Arizona plan. Trout’s about to have a baby in the Summer, so he has good reason, but they are far from alone.


  • Remembering some we have lost to Covid-19
  • MLB players and workers will partially be part of a 10,000 person study
  • More Payouts
  • The Government wants sports back

Baseball Legends We Have Lost

Hank Steinbrenner- General Partner and Co-chairman of the NYY

Anthony Causi- A loved photographer for NYC sports

In this Aug. 2, 2016, photo provided by Christopher Pasatieri, New York Post photographer Anthony J. Causi is shown before a New York Mets baseball game in New York. Causi, a highly skilled and exceedingly popular sports photographer for The New York Post who covered the city’s teams for 25 years, died Sunday, April 12, 2020, from the new coronavirus. He was 48. (Christopher Pasatieri via AP)

Covid-19 Study Will Include MLB Employees

27 out of 30, we don’t know which 3 decided not to participate, clubs have had employees and players volunteer to participate in a study that is testing for the antibodies produced after exposure to Covid. The study is being done by Stanford, USC, and the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory. It is not a test to see who is sick, but how many people were possibly sick and are now not. The hope is to establish if some people have immunity to Covid-19 as we know it. It’s a win-win. Because of the great diversity MLB employees represent, the study was able to be established in weeks rather than months.

More Pay Cuts

MLB Owners and the Government are warning that if baseball is played without fans, players will need to take another pay cut. Here’s a quote from Governor Cuomo of NY after speaking to the Mets COO.

However, some on the players’ side, like Scott Boras, wanted to remind everyone that MLB and the players reached a base salary and pro-rated contract already in March. A spokesperson from the league responded that nothing was set in stone, specifically for if the games would be played without fans. It seems that even if it’s possible to play baseball safely, there’s an economic hurdle as well.

Baseball and the Government

The Government has been clear in its support to resume sports for economic and morality reasons. POTUS is apparently sick of watching 14 year old games.

Governor Cuomo is also missing his Mets.

And the now famous Dr. Fauci believes it is possible and even laid out what he thinks is needed for sports to resume.

And Gov. Ducey of Arizona said he is ok with baseball in Arizona this year.

The only thing we know right now, is all baseball fans are missing the sport.

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