Dodger Trade Targets- JT Realmuto

Well usually trade season would have already come and passed with much more happening than this year most likely. However, the trade deadline had to be pushed to August 31s in 2020. And even though we’re roughly 20 games in, it’s only a couple weeks away. Keep in mind by then, the season will technically be halfway done.


Unfortunately teams with upcoming FAs will probably not get even close to the return they would normally get. We really have no basis on if this will mean the market booms or busts.

We have a short list of what we think are the most ideal trade targets for finally taking home the trophy back to LA. And today we’re focusing on a player that may be on a contending team and still get sold, JT Realmuto.

JT Realmuto

  • Catcher for the Phillies
  • 2020 Free Agent
  • Wants to extend his time in Philly but the organization hasn’t made a move
  • Phillies have a lot committed elsewhere, *cough Harper cough…

Why Do The Dodgers Want Realmuto

First off, if you didn’t already know, Realmuto is regarded as the best catcher in baseball right now. He probably has been for years now. Even when the Marlins had him, Yelich, Ozuna, and Stanton all on the same team.

He is phenomenal as a pitch framer and an elite hitter. Not just for a catcher, but in all of baseball. He’s currently slashing .282/.364/.667 to be in the elite 1.000 OPS club. He has 5 home runs, 9 runs, 12 RBI’s and the young season

And statcast says he should actually be doing better. Like top of the league well.

Again, this just reinforces that Realmuto is talented in just about every way. Contact, power, speed, and defense.

Barnes is still the better framer, (2nd in the league), but Realmuto isn’t far behind. And he’s the best offensive catcher in baseball right now.

As for Will Smith, he has the opposite issues. Even though he’s hitting only .194, statcast has him as one of the best hitters in baseball, but slightly below average in framing.

If he improves defensively, he looks like he could easily take the crown from Realmuto as the best catcher in baseball. But easier said than done. Also his stats will need to catch up to his expected stats before people start to notice him.

He’s only 29 still and shows no signs of slowing down yet. Even if he can’t catch forever, he’s a first base option, and the DH may be here to stay.

The Market

If Realmuto hits the market, he’ll be the most sought after bat out there. But a lot of teams may only be interest in signing him long term. The catcher position is very thin offensively, and he’s second to none. So almost every competing team will likely test the water on him still.

The exceptions are likely the Yankees, Cubs, White Sox, and Twins. They have long term solid options at catching and will probably not want to pay for a chance at signing Realmuto long term. But about every other team is fair game. Even teams not competing if they are looking to pay up big for his last contract.


As for offers, Realmuto will likely haul around two top prospects or more if bidding gets intense.

The Offer

Keibert Ruiz (3rd in Dodgers, 79th Overall, 7th Catching), PTBD or cash for Realmuto straight up.

Before you say it’s not enough, keep in mind this may be for only 30ish games of Realmuto. If you think it’s too much keep in mind the Dodgers have Will Smith blossoming and another top catching prospect who is only 18 years old in Diego Cartaya. There’s almost no room for Keibert in that timeline to be a starter.

He’s much safer than a compensation draft pick and he could honestly start playing in the MLB now. And because he is a top 100 level prospect, and the 7th ranked catching prospect, the Phillies get probably the best replacement for Realmuto they could find for a rookie level salary.

Huge for a team that just signed Bryce Harper, Zack Wheeler, Jake Arrieta, and more. Plus if they wanted Realmuto they probably would have signed him by now. They must not think they can afford him.


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